The Third UKEV forum meeting - Oxford Brookes University

The next meeting will be held at Oxford Brookes University on the 13th of December 2016.


Registration for UKEV 2016 is now closed. We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Confirmed plenary speakers

Dr Clotilde Théry, Institut Curie, Paris

Prof Marca Wauben, Utrecht University

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Draft Schedule:

08:45 Registration (tea and coffee)
09:25 Dr Dave Carter - Welcome and housekeeping - Lecture Theatre

Session 1 (Sponsored by Cell Guidance Systems): Topic 1 - Immunology (Chair - Charlotte Lawson)

09.30 Plenary Speaker - Clotilde Thery (Institut Curie, Paris) - Exosomes and other Extracellular Vesicles: similar and different roles in immune responses.
10:15: Lesley A Smyth (University of East London) - The characterisation and analysis of regulatory T-cell exosomes
10.30: Andrew Devitt (Aston University) - Apoptotic Cell-derived Extracellular Vesicles – a matter of life and death.
10:45: Sponsor presentation - Cell Guidance Systems

10:55-11:30 coffee/posters/exhibition - Entrance Hall

Session 2 (Sponsored by JSR Life Sciences): Topic 2 EVs in Disease (Chair - Dan Lambert)

11:30: Jaime A Riquelme (University College London) - Diabetes impairs the cardioprotective effect of exosomes in ischemia reperfusion injury.
11.45: Mark Ofield (The University of Sheffield) - Oral cancer EVs promote protumourigenic fibroblast activation.
12.00: Naveed Akbar (University of Oxford) - Endothelial Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Stimulate Monocyte Motility and Cellular Transcription in Acute Myocardial Injury.
12.15: Sponsored presentation - JSR Life Sciences

12:25-13:40 lunch/posters/exhibition - Entrance Hall

Session 3 (Sponsored by Particle Metrix): EV biogenesis and characterisation (Chair Aled Clayton)

13.40: Plenary Speaker - Marca Wauben (Utrecht University) - Breast milk-derived extracellular vesicles influence the immunological gastrointestinal barrier.
14:25: Vincent Yeung (Cardiff University) - Identifying intrinsic components that regulate the secretion of stroma-activating exosomes in prostate cancer.
14:40: Sponsor Presentation

Session 4 (Sponsored by Oxford Nanoimaging): Biological roles of EVs (Chair - Paul Harrison)

14.50:Raheem A A AL-Abedi (Oxford Brookes University) - Exosomes derived from irradiated cancer cells enhance invasive capacity of unirradiated cells
15.05: Findlay Copley (Oxford Brookes University) - Extracellular vesicles released following heat stress induce bystander effects in unstressed populations.
15:20: Sponsor presentation - Particle Metrix

15:30-16.10 coffee/posters/exhibition - Entrance Hall

Session 5 (Sponsored by Malvern Instruments): EVs as therapeutic and diagnostic tools (Chair - Chris Gardiner)

16.10: Laura Makin (University of Oxford) - Are vesicles ftom the Leishmania flagellum a source of virulence factors?
16.25: Gillian Coakley (University of Glasgow) - Extracellular vesicles derived from Heligmosomoides polygyrus represent a novel target for vaccine-induced immunity
16.40: Sponsor presentation - Malvern Instruments
16:50: Closing remarks. Awarding of poster/talk prizes

17.00: Wine Reception
18.00-18:30: Head down to Kings Arms

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract as a word document attachment via email to

The word limit for abstracts is 200 words. You should include full names and affiliations for all authors, include contact details for the corresponding author and indicate (by underlining) the presenting author. Please also indicate whether you would like your abstract to be considered for an oral presentation, for a poster or for either. Please note that for your abstract to be considered you must be registered to attend the meeting.

Deadline: 11th November, 5pm.